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High-Quality Hearing Aids in Kalispell, MT

If you’re living with hearing loss, Family Hearing Professionals will find the right solutions for you. Serving Kalispell, MT, and surrounding areas, our certified audiologist will provide compassionate and personal ear care through diagnostic tests and our state-of-the-art hearing aids. We take pride in offering name-brand assisted hearing devices at an affordable price. Your comfort is our top priority—we’ll work within your budget to find the best price for you!

State-of-the-Art Hearing Devices

We carry many types of hearing aids and assistive listening devices, including personal amplifiers and FM systems from name brands such as Widex® and Signia®. Our office has many options to choose from, including digital and analog that fit in the ear canal, behind the ear, or in the ear. Our audiologist Clark will work with you to help you determine which type of hearing aid offers the best comfort for you.

Benefits of Hearing Devices

Hearing aids will make life easy with hearing loss. Living with an ear condition, such as tinnitus and Meniere’s disease is frustrating, but Family Hearing Professionals will go above and beyond to ensure you find the solution you need. In addition to a better quality of life, hearing aids have the benefit of reducing your risk for cognitive decline. Studies have shown that untreated hearing loss may lead to dementia and increase your risk of falls and other injuries. Improve your long-term health today and take advantage of our expert audiologist.

Hearing Aid Repair

If you already have a hearing aid or other assistive listening device, but its performance has declined, our audiologist will perform reliable and efficient hearing aid repairs for common issues, including: 

  • Damaged Ear Hook
  • Broken Microphone
  • Earmold Degradation
  • Tubing Cracking
  • Poor Sound
  • Wax Buildup 

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