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If you’re experiencing muffled sounds, difficulty hearing consonants, or the constant need to turn up the volume, you may be experiencing hearing loss. Our certified audiologist, Carl Clark, at Family Hearing Professionals, Inc. in Kalispell, MT, will diagnose any ear-related conditions and find life-changing solutions for you.

What We Do

Our office specializes in ear care for our patients with hearing loss. We take pride in offering affordable care, personal attention, and the latest hearing devices on the market. Our audiologist will perform in-depth hearing tests for diagnosis and work with your needs to find the best hearing aid solution for you.

The most Awesome hearing experience available

With over 35 years in the field of audiology, our specialists at Family Hearing Professionals are experts in finding creative ear care solutions. Our audiologist will perform several hearing tests to discover which hearing aid or other assisted device will work best for you. We’ll also provide custom fitting options so you feel comfortable with your device.

Friendly with low pressure and amazing prices

Our patients are at the center of our world. We understand how difficult it can be to experience hearing loss, and we’ll work diligently to find the best options for you, so you can hear with clarity again. As our patient, you’ll benefit from our professional audiologist, who has a full understanding of the field and will determine the source of your hearing loss.

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If you’re a veteran, Family Hearing Professionals offers special discounts on hearing aids. 

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